December 15, 2016

Veterans Find Sense of Purpose in CIA Kitchens

Veterans CIA Kitchens OG

A sense of purpose. Service. Making a difference.

When veterans leave the military and transition to civilian life, these are some of the things they look for in a new career. Many find them at the CIA, where they apply the shared values of mastery, discipline, and teamwork every day in the college’s professional kitchens.

So why do so many veterans feel right at home at the CIA? And what does it take to make the transition? These questions and more are explored in the “Purpose, Prestige, and Profession” episode of Meals Ready to Eat, a new program produced and hosted by U.S. Navy veteran August Dannehl. August walks the halls and goes into the kitchens of the CIA as he talks with faculty and two veteran students who are focused on excellence and success in their new calling.