August 16, 2017

Top 10 Reasons to Study at the CIA


1. You’ll be miles ahead of the competition when you hit the job market.

Be the candidate who’s wanted most by leading companies. It’s common knowledge in the food world that if you have “CIA” on your résumé, you command attention. In fact, 74% of top employers surveyed said they preferred to hire CIA graduates.

2. You’ll learn by doing, and doing, and doing…

1,300 hours of hands-on experience, more than 1,200 approved externship sites, award-winning public restaurants on campus—you simply won’t find this much experiential learning anywhere else. Get to the CIA, and get cooking!

3. Your Instagram posts will make your family and friends drool.


You’re killing it! Your posts are going to get more likes than all of your friends’. I mean, just look at some of the mouthwatering stuff our students produce! #proud2bCIA

4. You’ll soak up knowledge from awesome chef-instructors.


Get ready to learn—and learn a lot—’cause this lineup of chefs and instructors can sure teach! It includes acknowledged masters in their fields, management and business experts, gold medal winners, published authors, and TV stars. Follow this team, and you’ll be a winner in the “game of food.”

5. You’ll really make your mark on the food world with our bachelor’s programs.


Check out the amazing paths a CIA bachelor’s degree has to offer. It’ll boost your career options and earnings potential. Choose from majors in Applied Food Studies, Culinary Science, Food Business Management, and Hospitality Management. Students can focus their education with concentrations on important industry topics. Did we mention you get to take a really cool trip too?…

6. It’s your ticket to travel the world.


Yes, as a bachelor’s student, you get to pack your bags and check out a famed culinary region of the world. Head to China, France, Italy, Latin America, Spain, or the U.S. Hudson Valley and get right in the middle of that country’s culture and cuisine. It’s often cited by our bachelor’s students as one of their most memorable CIA experiences. All aboard!

7. You’ll have fun—lots of fun!


There’s plenty to do on the CIA campus after class. Got a passion for competition? There are intercollegiate sports teams and intramural leagues. Looking forward to comedy nights, bands, and karaoke? We’ve got that. Student government and lots of clubs? Yeah, that too. From events like the Chili Cook-off to fitness programs to visiting chef demos, the CIA has it all for the active student.

8. You’ll be instantly plugged into an alumni network unlike any in the world.


Connect with our 49,000-plus alumni and you’ll have direct access to virtually every corner of the industry. From Anthony Bourdain to Cat Cora to Roy Choi to Anne Burrell to Steve Ells, CIA grads are leading the way in the exciting food world. And since they’re often on the lookout to help out a fellow grad, that’s a good thing for you!

9. It’s all about value, and you’ll get plenty of it here.


About 92% of our students receive financial aid, and unlike many for-profit schools, the not-for-profit CIA is 100% dedicated to putting all of its resources back into its education programs. Add to that the end result—a degree that opens more doors and is the most respected in the food industry—and you have great value for your education dollar at the CIA.

10. If food is your life, this is your college.

Here you can totally be a food nerd, ’cause everyone at the CIA speaks your language! It’s like the best of both worlds: a fun and exciting college environment and a totally food-centric community. Come visit the campus; it won’t take you long to realize this is the place for you.