July 19, 2016

Suds for Scholarships



Raise money for student scholarships through beer sales?

The idea was a no-brainer for then-CIA student Randy Boden.

“I wouldn’t have made it through the CIA without the Side Towel Scholarship,” says Randy, who recently graduated with his bachelor’s management degree and currently works on campus at The Egg. “I always wanted to give back, and figured what better way than to use the new brewery on campus? Who doesn’t like beer?”

When he approached Chef Dave McCue—who helped found the Side Towel Scholarship—with his idea, the chef was really excited about it. Randy then sat down with CIA Head Brewer Hutch Kugeman and, with support from Senior Director of Food & Beverage Operations Waldy Malouf, plans started to take shape.

“We needed to find a way to structure it and let people know about it,” Hutch explains. “So we made every beer in our ‘Class Project Series’—normally sold in a pint for $4—available at The Egg in special 22-ounce mugs for $6, with extra monies going toward the scholarship.”


Side Towel Scholarship

The Side Towel Scholarship was specifically developed for students who proved themselves in the kitchen but ran into financial difficulties with no other alternatives to pay for their education. Having been there himself, Randy couldn’t be happier helping these students.

“This is something I am extremely passionate about,” he says. “I’ve been in their shoes, so it’s really important to give back to them now. The CIA changed my life. It’s rewarding to see this program continue to grow.”

Bachelor’s students in the Art and Science of Brewing class craft the beer, but the initiative could soon have education benefits for associate degree students as well. “The hope is that we can offer it at our restaurants here on campus, and give students there the chance to ‘upsell’ the beer to customers tableside,” Randy explains. “Brew the beer…sell the beer…and help students in the process!”

The “Class Project Series” has already raised well over $300 for the Side Towel Scholarship in a short amount of time—and it’s just getting started.


If you’re a CIA student looking for financial aid (or even if you know one), check out the variety of valuable scholarships available from the college.