Simply Jules: Touring My Top 5 Spots on Campus with “Flat Illianna”

As you know, I have wanted to attend the CIA since second grade. This past week, I was informed of a fifth grader from Texas who wrote to the school with the same intent, along with a little “Flat Stanley” cutout of herself and asking for pictures of it around campus. I am so excited to share with you this little video I had the opportunity to work on showing off our pretty campus!

1. Anton Plaza

This is the true heart of campus and probably the most recognizable location. Its scenic views and direct view of both Roth Hall and the Hudson River makes for a beautiful sight. In the warmer weather, the fountain is in full effect, making it the perfect place to relax on a bench with a cup of coffee and some homework (optional).

2. Roth Hall

Personally, I spend the bulk of my time in Roth. Each of my classes is located here, as is my job in digital marketing! Fair warning: it can be a maze the first few weeks of school. SO many hallways and corridors, stairwells and rooms, that it can be a little confusing. I am still figuring out shortcuts to classes! The only downfall to Roth is its abundance of stairs…classes on the fourth floor will have your legs crying for a break. However, I am so glad this is where all of my classes are, as in the winter weather there will be no reason for me to head outside. This is also home to several of our restaurants, including American Bounty and Bocuse.

3. Farquharson “Farq” Hall

This is our unofficial “dining hall.” Yes, you may be wondering why it looks like a church…it was a former Jesuit hall and is elaborately decorated with stained glass, murals, and beautiful architecture. After grabbing food from one of the production kitchens, students can dine here with friends. It is open all day, and is famously known among students for the lovely little alcove with a plethora of plated desserts. The limitless options of free confections has proven to be very dangerous when you have a sweet tooth.

4. Apple Pie Bakery Café (and our many restaurants on campus)

Oh my…Apple Pie is quite possibly the most convenient place on campus to meet your midday snack needs. Almost every day I grab something in between classes. Whether it be a tea, some cruditè and hummus, or, on the days I feel like treating myself, a lovely chocolate croissant. You can be assured that everything here is made to perfection. Students are responsible for both the baking and running this shop.

5. The Egg (and its amazing view)

When I am not in class, chances are I am at our student center. The Egg, the gym, lots of food, games such as ping pong and pool, as well as comfy seating can all be found here. I personally am an avid yoga class participant, which occurs three times a week. Other classes, such as Spinning, intense workouts, and Zumba, are offered here as well. I get most of my meals here, and I am especially a fan of the breakfast spread that is put on every day. The Egg serves all three meals, and also has snacks, desserts, a coffee bar, and a market to pick up some groceries or snacks for the room. This is essentially the hub of student life on campus.

By Jules Esposito

Jules Esposito