Simply Jules: A Visit from Tony DiLucia, GM of the Hotel Jerome

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This past November, my Hospitality Management class and I had the incredible opportunity to hear from Tony DiLucia, a graduate of the CIA and highly accomplished general manager of Hotel Jerome of the Auberge Resorts Collection. Located in the scenic area of Aspen, CO, the hotel is much more than simply a place to stay. It boasts grand décor, several dining options, and a spa, as well as a plethora of excursions such as skiing, which can be easily accessed nearby.

The hotel is a part of larger corporation, Auberge Resorts, which is comprised of 19 locations spread among three continents. Our class was thrilled to learn that through his position, Mr. DiLucia was able to work at several of the locations the company offers. The aspect of travel really excited our class, and the stories and photographs of the breathtaking resorts only added to this feeling.

“The CIA provided an amazing foundation in education and practical skills in so many areas,” said Mr. DiLucia. “After graduating from the Institute, I felt confident that I had the fundamental skills and knowledge to move forward in the industry. I was able to continue learning from new experiences in the industry and apply the solid practices I was taught at the CIA.”

When asked what a person in the industry can do to be successful, Mr. DiLucia offered simple but effective advice. He explained that being willing to go above and beyond will propel one in this field. Even in just using a guest’s first name to greet them can provide a welcoming “home-away-from-home” feeling. He emphasized the importance of caring for each detail of your guests’ stay, as well as anticipating their needs.

“While at the CIA as a young student, I came to understand more than ever that an impeccable work ethic and persistent hard work would be rewarded in our industry,” he said. “I live that every day in my career.”

I believe that a great deal can be learned in travel. The obvious include exposure to new foods, new cultures, new sights, and new experiences. However, more than anything “new,” I think we learn just how similar and relatable people are, and that is the beauty of the hospitality industry.

By Jules Esposito

Jules Esposito