Simply Jules: A Fresh Start

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In life, I feel that is very important to always evaluate where you are and where you envision yourself to be. Taking a step back and reflecting in an honest way to see if what you are currently doing is fulfilling, has always proved highly beneficial for me. Especially in this season of my life, I am being exposed me to so many new experiences that my outlook and interests are constantly evolving. Embarking on the start of my college years, it has become clear to me that I need to do what is actually feeding my soul, not what I am expected to do. This is what led me to the epiphany that the career path of becoming a pastry chef was not for me. This past year especially, I really honed in on this feeling and explored the path of hospitality- and it clicked. It drew out my strengths and interested me immensely. I came to the realization that if focused solely on baking, I would be neglecting other passions that I love just as much.

In planning my Winter Pop-Up Bakery this past December, I came to discover that my interest fell not only in the delightful confections but also equally in the organizational planning and stylistic design elements to create an event that exceeded the expectations of its guests. Call it luck or consider it fate- when I made this decision I discovered my intended school, The Culinary Institute of America unveiled a brand new Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. Then and there I changed my major and became officially enrolled in the school’s first-ever class of this degree. At the CIA, I am intending to concentrate in event planning, but will remain open to whatever opportunities come my way and guide my path. Now as I embark on this new and exciting journey I look forward to sharing my adventures with you on Simply Jules!

By Jules Esposito

Jules Esposito