R&D at the CIA: Building a Meal Kit

Photo of CIA culinary science bloggers, Jerry and Brian Hello! We’re Bryan and Jerry, and we are eighth-semester culinary science students. We have been asked to chronicle our culinary research and development class this semester. The class assignment is to come up with a meal kit containing a shelf-stable dessert. This project is relevant to the culinary R&D space, as there is a current market demand for increasingly convenient ways of eating. In addition to our research and development class, we are also taking ingredient functionality, which helps us to understand the functional applications of various ingredients. The Culinary Science program at the CIA is designed to prepare students to enter large-scale corporate food manufacturing operations. It provides students with the tools necessary to work within culinary research and development teams to design, source, and develop new food or beverage products. These skills can not only be utilized in the culinary research and development field but in a wide range of other occupations within the food industry—including marketing, sanitation and food safety management, food manufacturing and packaging, recipe development, and ingredient sourcing. Throughout our semester, we are going to post about the progression of our meal kit projects. We will also post about any cool or interesting food experiments that we conduct in our other classes. If you are interested in enrolling in the culinary science program at the CIA, we encourage you to keep up with our blog posts so you can see exactly the kind of things we do in the eighth semester.

Bryan and Jerry