CIA Student Food Podcast: The Feed

The Feed Podcast

Take a listen to the new food podcast started by several of our current Hyde Park students


Comfort Food, Part I: Pizza

We’re happy to share that The Feed has finally come out with a pizza podcast. Join Sydney Taylor and Teresa Marcus as they open up our comfort food series and address real hard hitting questions. Does pineapple go on a pizza? Should a knife and fork be involved? Is deep dish pizza… pizza? Oh yes, it gets serious.

Food Media

Join Kevin O’Connor, Kevin Markey, and Dan Salisbury as they discuss the impact of media and entertainment in the food industry.


Food Technology

Join Kevin O’Connor, Sydney Taylor, and Teresa Marcus as they discuss changes to the food industry and predictions for the future.

Craft Beer and Spirits

Join Kevin O’Connor, Teresa Marcus, Lindsey Bowe, and Sofia Kangas as they discuss the state of the craft beer industry, their likes and dislikes in beer and get a little off topic talking about liquor laws.


Food Trucks

This week join Kevin O’Connor, Sofia Kangas, Teresa Marcus, and Adam Belward as they discuss Adams plans for his new food truck and the relationship between microbrews and the food truck scene.