September 28, 2012

New Major in Culinary Science

Chef Migoya leading a class in cooking with liquid nitrogen
Chef Migoya leading a class in cooking with liquid nitrogen

The CIA is launching a revolutionary new major in Culinary Science beginning in February.

The Culinary Science curriculum will include such advanced techniques as precision temperature cooking and liquid nitrogen freezing. Students will learn directly from leaders in the culinary science field about the scientific method and the use of modern techniques and equipment. They will discover new ingredients; experience product development, including sensory and flavor evaluations; and gain critical thinking skills and science-based knowledge that will help them become industry innovators.

There are good economic reasons for students to pursue a degree in Culinary Science, as research and development chefs have some of the highest salaries in the food world. They are highly sought after, both for the innovations they provide and the money they save businesses.

The two-year program is for juniors and seniors who have earned their CIA associate degrees, and they will graduate with a Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degree in Culinary Science.

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