May 26, 2015

New CIA Student Dining Plan Coming Soon


At The Culinary Institute of America, student dining has always been a unique experience that does so much more than just provide food. When students sit down for a meal, they’re not just eating—they’re learning to be better chefs.

And with the dining facilities in the newly renovated Student Commons and a robust new meal plan, it’s about to get even better!

Lots of Dining Choices for Students
CIA students will enjoy the enhanced meal plan starting this May, with plenty of cuisines and venues to choose from. The standard plan included in the board fee uses a generous points system, loading points onto each student ID card equal to two meals per class day. Features of the meal plan include:

  • Using only points as currency (no cash is accepted for student dining)
  • Providing all students with the same number of points per semester
  • Providing students with more flexibility across the board
  • Recognizing seniority by providing more flexibility as students advance through their education

Points are provided based on the number of class days. For example:

  • 5-class-day week = 100 points (5 days x 2 meals x 10 points)
  • 4-class-day week = 80 points
  • 3-class-day week = 60 points

And there are three types of points that determine where students can dine:

  • Blue Points: Any production kitchen on campus
  • Green Points: All production kitchens, as well as Student Commons locations and in the campus restaurants
  • Gold Points: These optional Weekend Flex Points are good for all production kitchens, Student Commons venues, and campus restaurants

Students who end up spending most of their weekends at the CIA will greatly benefit from “going for the gold.” The gold Weekend Flex Points give them even greater flexibility to dine anywhere on campus for a 15-week period.

To help prepare for the launch this month, the college has been running a limited pilot program for the new points system. Response from participants has been positive according to sophomore Matt Guarini, finance officer for the CIA Student Government Association and a member of the Student Dining Task Force.

“The new dining plan offers a lot more flexibility,” Matt says. “CIA students are incredibly busy, and this plan helps us dine according to our schedules.”

Something’s Cooking at The Egg
Matt says reaction has been equally enthusiastic for The Egg, the new dining facility coming soon to the Student Commons. “It offers the first causal area on campus for students to hang out,” he explains. “With plenty of space and so many amenities, this will become the popular destination for students when they’re out of class. And the Innovation Station and brewery are features that really set it apart.”

With its gorgeous views of the Hudson River and comfortable ambiance, The Egg is a spectacular venue for CIA students to dine and hang out together. It will provide exciting opportunities for students to both cook for and sample the work of their classmates—with extraordinary dining choices that are truly unmatched in higher education.

“After overseeing countless foodservice operations around the world, I am confident that The Egg is one of the most innovative, cutting-edge new commercial operations anywhere,” says CIA graduate Ed Brown ’83, chef/innovator of Restaurant Associates, which is partnering with the college to help deliver this amazing meal plan.

“The experience for students—dining, learning, cooking, and serving in this great environment—will enhance their education and prepare them for food careers,” he continues. “They’re lucky to have this extraordinary opportunity, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”