Kaitlin Egloff – Student Bio

Kaitlin Egloff
Kaitlyn Egloff is a culinary science degree student at The Culinary Institute of America.

Major: Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Science
Campus: Hyde Park, NY
Hometown: Tarrytown, NY

How did you become interested in food?
Although I was quite the picky eater as a child, I’ve always had a sweet tooth. My adoration for culinary science is a fusion between my love for cooking and passion for science.

Why did you choose the CIA?
It is the best of the best! The first time I stepped on campus, I knew this is where I belonged.

What do you like best about the CIA?
I like the passion surrounding food! It’s a unique atmosphere where everyone shares the same love of cooking!

Do you belong to any clubs or participate in any activities/sports on campus? If yes, please elaborate:
I am a member of Eta Sigma Delta, the hospitality honor society. Also, I write for the school newspaper, La Papillote.

What is your favorite dish to make? Why?
I love classic American desserts such as pies, cobblers, and buckles. They’re a delicious and simple way to celebrate our heritage and showcase produce in any season.

How has your CIA education prepared you for the business side of food?
The culinary science program has provided a well-rounded view of many aspects in the field. I feel prepared for my career and am interested in many different topics.

What is/are the best lesson(s) you’ve learned while at the CIA?
The CIA has provided me an extensive knowledge of baking and pastry arts as well as culinary science, so I feel confident in my ability to excel in either a pastry or science setting.

What advice would you give to a new student or someone who is considering attending the CIA?
Stay inspired. Continue to remind yourself that this is your passion and do everything you can to stay informed about the culinary field.