May 21, 2018

Is Culinary School Worth It?

Is culinary school worth it? Students in a CIA classroom learning from an instructor.

A Real Return on Your Investment!

Attending culinary college is a big step, so it’s important to know you are getting an excellent return on your investment. The answer to the question, “Is culinary school worth it?” becomes clear when you look at the full scope of what a CIA culinary degree gives you.

CIA World-Class Education —A culinary degree worth having

You can work in the food world or you can lead it. At the CIA, we educate leaders with a time-tested approach that challenges, supports, encourages, and connects our students to the real world of food.

Lifelong Success—A Network of Excellence

From your first day at the CIA and throughout your career, you’ll realize again and again the investment you made in yourself by getting a culinary degree from the CIA was so worth it.

  • Every faculty member, every industry leader you come in contact with, and every CIA graduate who hires our students, are all working towards one outcome—your career success.
  • A degree from the CIA gets your résumé to the top of the pile in an industry that is thriving and will give you a professional advantage over and over again during your career.
  • Our relationship with you doesn’t end at graduation—CIA alumni enjoy free, lifelong career services.
  • The CIA makes it worth going to culinary school so you can enter the workforce ready and able to meet any challenge.