August 1, 2018

Is The Culinary Institute of America Haunted?

Through the years, several students, faculty, and staff on the New York campus of the CIA have reported experiences that could only be described as paranormal.   The main building, Roth Hall, is the former St. Andrew-on-Hudson Jesuit seminary and—ever since the CIA moved to Hyde Park, NY in 1972—the campus’s historical and spiritual roots have sprouted numerous myths and legends that get passed down by each class of CIA students.    Attempting to determine the truth behind the legends, the SyFy network program Ghost Hunters came to the CIA for an episode titled, “Too Many Apparitions in the Kitchen,” and the Listen with the Lights On podcast also took an in-depth look with “The Kitchen Apparition.”  Click below for more details then let us know what you think.
image005 Roth Hall’s historical and spiritual roots as the former Jesuit seminary St. Andrew-on-Hudson have led to many myths and legends that have been passed down by CIA students from generation to generation.