Getting Involved on Campus

Student Clubs at the CIA

Here at the CIA, we are SO much more than just a culinary school. We have a bustling and diverse community that, while focused on food, has many other unique interests. It is a priority here to cater to all of our students’ passions, both inside and outside the culinary world. CIA students are busy with all of the different organizations they can join to have fun and enhance their education. Whatever your interests, there is a club for you! Here’s a sampling of student organizations currently active on campus.

Sports & Recreation

Culinary Claims First HVIAC Men's Tennis Title

Looking for a place to demonstrate your competitive edge? Look no further than the CIA’s sports and gaming clubs. From board games to athletics, we’ve got you covered.

CIA Volleyball Team at the Championship.

Provides a place for students to come together to play board games, role-playing games, card games, and other tabletop games.

Culture & Religion

Students attending ClubCon in The Marriott Pavilion on The Culinary Institute of America's New York campus.

Joining a group that embraces and celebrates that which makes you unique is a great way to find like-minded students and develop lasting friendships.

  • Black Culinarian Society

Promotes diversity awareness through cultural discussions, cooking demonstrations, and a closer look at black history.

  • Culinary Christian Fellowship (non-denominational)

Focuses on Bible study and community service.

  • Global Spoons

Highlights international students and their varied cultural experiences.

  • Jewish Student Union

Explores Jewish culture, food, and traditions.

  • KACIA (Korean Association of The Culinary Institute of America)

Promotes diversity on campus by spreading knowledge of the Korean culture through discussions and tastings.

  • SAGA (Alliance)

Celebrates the power of a diverse student body, promotes respect throughout the campus community, and advocates for LGBT awareness.

Food & Beverage

Beer Tasting Demo in the Danny Kaye Theatre hosted by the CIA Brew Club

Of course! What else would you expect from a culinary college? We have plenty of food- and beverage-centric clubs where you can learn more about the industry and share your passion with friends.

  • Bacchus Wine Society

Promotes the appreciation of renowned wines and spirits through tastings, special events, and wine excursions.

  • Brew Club

Increases the understanding of domestic and international beer production and examines local breweries.

  • Plant-Based Society

Advocates for food allergy awareness and dietary needs on campus, and educates students about dietary options such as veganism, vegetarianism, and healthier food choices.

  • Preservation Club

Explores the art and craft of preserving and fermenting foods and beverages.

  • Recipe Club

Focuses on creating and testing new and innovative recipes.

  • Tea Club

Helps spread tea culture throughout the CIA community, including its application in culinary and baking projects.

  • World BBQ Club

Celebrates the art of barbecue—and all that it entails—across cultures.


Student clubs are also a great way to expand and deepen your learning outside of class.

  • Culinary Science Club

Evaluates journal articles and explores topics of scientific merit and relevance to the culinary field.

  • Hospitality Management Club

Values professionalism and works to educate others about the hospitality industry.

And More

Students attending ClubCon in The Marriott Pavilion on The Culinary Institute of America's New York campus.

But wait, there’s more! Here are some other student organizations you can get involved in at the CIA—from community service and social justice to event planning and publications.

  • Drama Club

Promotes a love for theater and the arts and inspires creativity.

  • Savory Sounds

Celebrates art through voice, instrument and dance.

  • Judiciary Board

Hears student appeals and focuses on school safety and policy.

  • La Papillote (student newspaper)

Examines contemporary issues of the foodservice industry and reports on news of the college.

Works with CIA Student Activities, Recreation, and Athletics staff to produce student events and bring entertainers to campus.

  • Student Government Association

Represents the CIA student community democratically and acts as the official student voice in decisions affecting campus life.

  • Student Veterans Association

Champions veterans’ causes on campus and celebrates service and honor.

  • SWAC (Student Weekend Activities Council)

Provides fun and creative weekend programming for CIA students.

Want to know more? CIA students can take advantage of our on-campus Club Con. Check out some of the highlights from Fall CIA ClubCon.