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Welcome to the CIA Experience

Leah Pfeiffer '12 Bachelor's in Culinary Arts Management
“I have always found food fascinating. There is just something about baking brownies or roasting a chicken that has always captivated me because the transformations are just magical. As I learn more about food, the sense of mystery starts to disappear but then I am humbled when I realize that there is always more to learn.”

– Leah Pfeiffer ’12
Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts Management


Go ahead, admit it: you’re not like most people.

You’re always looking at menus with a critical eye, noticing things that others don’t. You get excited at the first mention of upcoming farmers’ markets. You plan your weekends around food, and your conversations always seem to gravitate to the next big ingredient or culinary trend. You ponder the best technique to make fresh mayonnaise, you’re obsessed with perfecting your piping skills, and you don’t just love bread—you love smelling it, touching it, watching it.

You’d go on and on about food if someone let you, and at The Culinary Institute of America, go right ahead! This happens every day here. Because the people who come to the CIA—from faculty to culinary professionals to fellow students—are just like you. We all share this incredible passion, a passion that can be summed up in one simple but profound statement that perfectly defines what we stand for.

Food is Life.


Experience The Passion and the Excitement!

You walk in the front doors and try to absorb everything around you. You feel the history, the passion, the excitement, the promise of unlimited potential and opportunity. As you make your way through the hallways of The Culinary Institute of America, your senses ABSOLUTELY COME ALIVE.



The sights

Students in crisp whites rush past, on to their next class or kitchen experience. Professional equipment gleams, and the air ripples with energy as a stovetop fires into action. Focused classmates gather around a chef-instructor as she demonstrates a fundamental technique. You think, “Wow, this is really exciting” and then you notice…

The sounds

A chef-instructor’s booming voice urges his class to get that dish plated. Flatware and utensils beat a steady rhythm as they clink together in a restaurant dining room. The electric hum of voices whispers to you from every corner of the building. You’re feeling incredibly inspired when you’re struck by…

The aromas

Maybe it’s a buttery loaf of brioche just out of the oven. Perhaps you’re catching the scent of some fresh vegetables being sautéed in a skillet. Or it’s the irresistible smell of brown veal stock that draws you in. Whatever it is, something is definitely in the air, and you like it.

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