August 14, 2019

CIA Faculty Dishes Out Advice on Line Cook Thoughts Podcast

“Line Cook Thoughts” is more than a food podcast, it’s a cathartic platform. After graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in 2018 with a bachelor’s in food business management, Raymond Delucci started “Line Cook Thoughts” to create a platform for cooks to share, connect, and grow with each other in the industry. From newly minted chefs just starting their careers and ready to take on the industry, to accomplished leaders in the food world willing to guide the next generation—everyone has a story to tell. And that includes CIA faculty and administration.

On this episode, Raymond speaks with Dr. Kathy Merget, associate vice president and dean of student affairs at the CIA. As they discuss physical and mental wellness, the topic of mise en place is addressed as a philosophy that works outside of the kitchen as well, one that students and chefs can apply it to their daily lives. 

Speaking with Brian Kaywork, lecturing instructor in culinary arts, Raymond discusses how food has evolved since he graduated from the CIA. An avid forager, Chef Kaywork talks about the growing popularity of foraging and how to get started in it, while reminiscing about how he got into teaching in the first place and how students can set themselves up for future success.

In this interview, Raymond caught up with Michael Zebrowski, lecturing instructor in baking & pastry arts. Co-author of The Pastry Chef’s Little Black Book, Chef Zebrowski dishes out some great advice and talks about what it was like creating a resource for other pastry chefs.