CIA Cares About Our Students

CIA Cares About Our Students

At the CIA, we’re all about showing our students that we care! That’s why we’ve implemented CIA Cares, a one-stop communication tool where your instructors, career and academic advisor, and other support network team members can work directly with you to ensure you receive the best guidance and support throughout your time at the CIA.

“CIA Cares is built on the idea that we care about you and want you to be successful,” says Jodi Amato, director of academic support services. “The platform makes it easy for students to know who to contact for assistance or questions, and puts all the student resources of the college right at their fingertips.”

CIA Cares About Our Students

How students use CIA Cares

As a student using CIA Cares, you have the freedom and ability to:

  • Reach out to any of your support network team members to ask a question or schedule an appointment.
  • Access information about student services available to you in areas like career and academic advising, dining services, counseling, financial aid, registration, and more.
  • Schedule a tutoring appointment with a professional or peer tutor who specializes in the course you need a little assistance with.
  • View your grades and attendance records.
  • Respond to and act on referrals and “to dos” that may be assigned by your instructor or a support staff member to help you achieve your goals.
  • Receive kudos from instructors for outstanding performance, achievements, leadership, or progress against a goal that you can apply towards mentorship opportunities.

Using CIA Cares is easy and convenient—all current and admitted students have 24/7 access from their student portal at

How your success team uses CIA Cares

Likewise, your support network team of faculty and staff can use CIA Cares to:

  • Send you updates on your academic status.
  • Alert you and relevant staff to any concern related to a course or some other aspect of your academic career, and work together to create a success plan to address it.
  • Recommend services or events that will support you in achieving your goals.
  • Send you kudos that earn you tokens for phone or e-mail mentoring sessions with an industry professional through our exclusive InstaViser network.

It has always been true that everyone here at the CIA is dedicated to helping you have a successful and rewarding educational experience. CIA Cares makes it that much easier to deliver on our commitment to you.