August 18, 2011

BPS Students Create Dining Events

BPS students host the Red, White, and Brew Benefit Dinner in Caterina de Medici
BPS students host the Red, White, and Brew Benefit Dinner in Caterina de Medici

What does it really take to conceptualize, organize, implement,and ultimately produce an engaging evening for the public? In the CIA’s Food Management class, senior bachelor’s degree students learn exactly that. As their capstone project for the course, they essentially create their own themed dining event that is also a fund raiser for scholarships and local service agencies. From hors d’oeuvre to desserts, decorations to glassware, service details to cost management, menu development to marketing, entertainment to auction items, the evening falls squarely on the students’ capable shoulders.

As you can imagine, there is a great deal of discussion about themes, décor, roles, and responsibilities. Just as in the real world, there are the usual personality clashes, philosophical differences, and people vying for leadership. Each group’s first charge is getting consensus, and to do that they must choose a general manager for the event. Front- and back-of-the house leadership comes next, and from there everyone takes on a role designed to foster success. Someone may be interested in going to the local businesses to ask for silent auction items, another may feel strongly about securing entertainment or working on the décor.

But essential to each student’s involvement is the quality of the food and the fluidity of service offered to patrons. When asked how all the facets of the evening come together, Red, White, and Brew event General Manager John Reese ’10 explained, “The GM has to take the temperature of the group, stay alert to flagging interest levels, facilitate communication between the front- and back-of-the-house teams, and jump into the breech to do those administrative jobs no one is really assigned to but invariably crop up.”

There are currently 4 BPS events taking place on the Hyde Park, NY campus. Each will be inventive, flavorful, fun, and considered a great success by both students and patrons. Read more about student charity dining events on the CIA’s restaurants website >