Baking Through the CIA: And They’re Off!

baking through og

“Food. It’s who we are. Its what we do.” These are the words that echoed through the Danny Kaye Theatre, as CIA President, Timothy Ryan, began his freshmen orientation address. No other statement could better encapsulate the audience. To them, to me, to everyone on campus, food is more than just a meal. It is our passion and drives. We strive to create, impress, and satisfy. It is our lives.





From breakfast, we proceeded to the admissions center, where student accounts were scoured for issues that could potentially inhibit their progress at the school. Once cleared, we were ushered back to The Egg, where we were given temporary jackets and took pictures for our school ID’s. Upon completion of the process, we were each treated to a T-shirt, as well as a voucher for a free dinner at one of the on campus restaurants.

During the day’s morning meetings, I was able to register for the culinary math exemption exam, a test that if passed, would allow me to skip the culinary math class. I had some time to kill after getting my ID, so I headed back to my room to relax before taking it. I was elated to later hear that I passed the test, allowing me to skip the class.





The two following days saw me in the kitchen for the first time. It was also the first time all of this cohort’s baking & pastry students had been gathered in one place. It was interesting to hear their diverse backgrounds and future aspirations.



The first class I will be taking is called Baking and Pastry Techniques. It will cover the different mixing methods, and see me bake things such as cookies, pies, and cakes. We spent the class discussing what sort of things will be expected of us, and what we are to learn. Our chef instructor, Chef Berlioz, treated us to a small meal of cheese, bread, cookies, and beverages. It was a nice welcome and tease of what’s to come.


This was an incredible week. It feels as if there is this sense of momentum that is slowly building like a snowball falling down a hill. I already get the feeling that my time here will go by faster than I expect it to. I have met some truly incredible people, and am looking forward to some truly incredible experiences. Starting next week, I will be in the bakeshops, getting my hands dirty, and working my way towards the future. I can’t wait to see what’s coming my way.


By Andrew Bergman

Andrew Bergman