Baking Through the CIA: Pie Day!

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As week seven comes to a close, I have hit the mid-point of my first semester as a student. With that, two of my classes have ended, and I am on the cusp of taking my first skills evaluation in Baking and Pastry Techniques. Life at the CIA is in full swing, and things will only move faster from here.

As some classes are only six weeks in length, my Professionalism and Food Safety courses have concluded. Luckily for me, the final for Professionalism required the generation of a website, a task which this blog happened to satisfy. Food Safety ended with the ServSafe examination, a comprehensive food safety certification exam that when the time comes, will allow me to go out on my externship. It was tough, but I feel confident about it. Unfortunately, I will not hear back about the results for a nerve-wracking two weeks. Fortunately, our kitchen classes alleviated some of the stress, as we learned all about the wonderful world of pie.

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As class concluded, we were filled in on what is expected of us for our skills exam next week. We will each be required to produce genoise sponge cake, buttermilk biscuits, pate a choux, and pastry cream. I am certainly a bit nervous and am already putting together my game plan. In the meantime, I’ll study up and eat a slice of pie.

By Andrew Bergman

Andrew Bergman