Asian Concentration: The Places You’ll Go!

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One of the first things we, as students, get to experience in the first weeks of the semester is the transportation systems here in Singapore. It’s fast, efficient and indispensable during our many excursions.

During our most recent trips, we were exposed to different wet markets in the surrounding areas. We had the chance to visit three of them including Geylang Serai Market, Tekka Market, and Chinatown Market. These markets commonly held multiple businesses in stalls.” Each stall has it own unique items on sale at different price settings. It is not uncommon to see fish scales flying as a worker cleans the fish or the loud thumps of the cleavers coming from the butcher shops down the walkways. Many items that are sold are fresh and come from neighboring countries like Malaysia and Australia!

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But it was the produce section of the wet markets that were most unique! Piles of fresh produce revealed some of the most mysterious fruits I have ever experienced. They included durian, rose apples and rambutan. Durian is a fruit which has a sharp spikey outer layer that is green and brown. The inside holds a very soft and delicate yellow flesh. The smell is very off-putting with notes of onion and mango but has unique flavor locals seem to adore, so much so they even have durian flavored Ice cream!

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Rose Apple is light red, yellow flesh and pear shaped. This sweet and floral fruit is often compared to the flavor of rose water.

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Finally, we came to rambutan! This fruit is surrounded by a pink colored skin with soft bristles projecting from it. Beneath the exterior, it holds a delicate pale white flesh, with the texture of a grape. The flavors of this exotic fruit is very sweet, aromatic, and refreshing!

Overall, the wet markets were a truly eye-opening experience to explore unknown indigenous ingredients from a place we had yet to immerse ourselves in completely. Interaction with the local residence of each neighborhood was challenging but rewarding. Hearing their stories about where they imported certain items from and the care they show for each item was indescribable.

By Briana Martin Smith

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