Amanda Freitag Speaks with CIA Students | Video

Chef Amanda Freitag  is at the CIA’s Hyde Park campus to speak with students about how her CIA education prepared her for where she is today, what it’s like to be a judge of Food Network’s Chopped, and how women are continuing to shape the restaurant industry.

  • Chef Amanda Freitag is apparently a huge food science ‘Geek”!
  • Chef Freitag was thrilled to be able to sign the wall in Chef Jonathan Zearfoss’ kitchen.
  • Chef Amanda Freitag ’89 surprised incoming students on Day 1 as part of their orientation.
  • Chef Freitag outside of the CIA’s Roth Hall with a copy of her first book “The Chef Next Door”.
  • The students in the CIA’s Intrapreneurship program had a chance to show off their new concept – PoCo to Chef Freitag. She then used the keen eye that she’s earned on Food Network’s Chopped to offer them both some amazing compliments – and some suggestions for how she might approach their concept.
  • Chef Freitag’s visit was a big ‘Dill’ here on campus.
  • Students joined Chef Freitag down in the Egg for a book signing earlier in the afternoon.
  • Liam MacCleod, one of the CIA’s 3-D Printing Specialists showed Chef Freitag how our new Edible 3-D printers work.
  • Chef Jonathan Zearfoss got to show off some of his new toys in the college’s Culinary Science lab. Here, he explains how the rotary evaporator works.
  • Chef Freitag took many selfies with students while she was here on campus.
  • Hundreds of CIA Students came down to meet Chef Amanda Freitag ’89 while she was signing books in the Egg.
  • Chef Freitag has lots of fans here on campus.
  • After a day full of great fun, Chef Freitag stopped to savor a beer made by the students in the college’s new Art & Science of Brewing Elective. Cheers!