August 22, 2017

6 Great Tips to Help You Pack for the CIA

6 tips

You’re coming to the CIA!

What could be more exciting than that? Well, Move-in Day, of course!

It will be here before you know it, which means it’s time to start packing. Let us help you make the process easier with these six helpful tips.

1 6 tips pack featured1. Check the school’s website

Living in the CIA residence halls is great fun, but as you can imagine, there are some rules. Start by taking a look at the suggested packing list on the website, so you have an idea of what to bring and what not to bring with you. Checking all this out ahead of time makes everything easier.  

2b 6 tips2. Space is at a premium

There are things you’ll absolutely need to help make your room feel homey—like your cherished stuffed animal. But do you really need all 200 of your favorite books? Keep in mind that space in a dorm room is very limited, and you will probably have a roommate. Once you know who you’re sharing a room with, get in touch and decide on who is bringing the mini fridge and who’s got the microwave covered.

3 6 gifs3. Wait until you get to campus

You probably already know that students start at the CIA three times a year, with entry dates in September, January, and April. But there are also students leaving the CIA at various points each year—for their internship semester, and, of course, when they graduate! That means there are plenty of opportunities to buy used books and other items at a reduced price. If you are patient and wait until you get here, you can check your residence hall bulletin boards for items. Or, join the CIA Sell and Swap Facebook group now. There are also stores near campus where essential items can be purchased.

4 6 gifs4. Remember the Student Dress Code…and the Weather

Bring your favorite outfits, but don’t forget about the CIA’s student dress code when packing your clothes. Whenever you are in any of the academic buildings, you must be in either a chef’s uniform or business casual attire. And though you’re starting school in late summer, New York gets pretty chilly come mid-October. So pack your rain gear, some extra layers, coat, and thick socks to keep you toasty.

5 6 gifs5. Invest in some stain remover

You are responsible for your own laundry, including your chef’s uniform. Getting it clean and white after a day in the kitchen can be a bit of a challenge. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to figure out what techniques work best for you, but until then, invest in OxiClean (powder or wipes), fabric bleach, or a bleach pen.

6 6 gifs6. Stock a First-Aid Kit

We have an awesome Student Health Services office on campus, but a well-stocked first-aid kit may come in handy for those minor cuts, burns, and the occasional headache. Include things like Band-Aids, Neosporin, alcohol swabs, and ibuprofen. Just in case!


Hopefully, these tips will make packing a little easier. Enjoy the rest of your summer. We can’t wait to see you on campus and welcome you to your new home!