December 5, 2016

5 Knife Skills Every Chef Must Have!

Knife Skills Sharpen


#1—Sharpen them

A sharp knife is a safe knife. The knife sharpening process starts by creating a beveled edge using a sharpening stone. These stones, both water stones and oil stones, come in a variety of grits—coarse, fine, and many in between. To begin, hold your knife at a 22½-degree angle to the stone. Using light pressure, run the entire cutting edge of the knife from tip to heel along the entire face of the stone. For every 10 strokes on one side of the knife, repeat with 10 on the other. Start with a coarse stone and progressively work your way to a fine stone.

Knife skills are among the most important skills a cook learns. Good ones can save you time (by making you more efficient) and money (by reducing waste and enabling you to use less-expensive whole products rather than pricier prepared items). On the flip side, poor knife skills can put your fingers at risk!

By David Kamen ’88, manager of consulting projects for CIA Consulting, is a certified executive chef, ProChef Level III certified, and a proud alumnus of the college.