November 2, 2016

13 Ways You Know You’re a CIA Student

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13 ways cia 1

1. You really want to run through the fountain on Anton Plaza, but you can’t. Because demerits.


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2. Caffeine is your life. Waking up at 4 a.m. for class is almost unachievable without it.


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3. The Bread!


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4. You go through more bleach and Tide to Go sticks than any college student ever should.


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5. You read Chef McCue’s Facebook page, religiously.


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6. You go to all the amazing farms and markets around the Hudson Valley.


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7. The extra tutoring sessions you go to when you’re taking Wines class.


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13 Ways cia 8

8. You smell like fish for three weeks, but you don’t mind it that much.


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9. Ninety-nine percent of your Instagram feed is pictures of food.


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10. Your friends constantly ask you to cook for them.

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11. You have no idea where you put your side towels.


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13 ways cia 2

12. You didn’t choose the chef life, the chef life chose you.



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13. You’ll never forget the first time you walked into one of these kitchens and how happy you are to be here.



By CIA student Sean Morrill