November 2, 2016

13 Ways You Know You’re a CIA Student

13 ways cia 1

1. You really want to run through the fountain on Anton Plaza, but you can’t. Because demerits.


2. Caffeine is your life. Waking up at 4 a.m. for class is almost unachievable without it.


3. The Bread!


4. You go through more bleach and Tide to Go sticks than any college student ever should.


5. You read Chef McCue’s Facebook page, religiously.


6. You go to all the amazing farms and markets around the Hudson Valley.


7. The extra tutoring sessions you go to when you’re taking Wines class.

13 Ways cia 8

8. You smell like fish for three weeks, but you don’t mind it that much.


9. Ninety-nine percent of your Instagram feed is pictures of food.


10. Your friends constantly ask you to cook for them.


11. You have no idea where you put your side towels.

13 ways cia 2

12. You didn’t choose the chef life, the chef life chose you.


13. You’ll never forget the first time you walked into one of these kitchens and how happy you are to be here.


By CIA student Sean Morrill