August 26th, 2011

What does the CIA’s Not-For-Profit Status Mean to Me?

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At the CIA, you will receive the world’s best professional education.
At the CIA, you will receive the world’s best professional education.

It means that making a profit is not our goal, your education is. This is why  the monies the college brings in from tuition, donations, and our public restaurants get poured right back into the educational experience you receive at the CIA. Because we are a private college, we have no stockholders waiting for their share of these monies. So we focus our resources on the educational programs, state-of-the-art learning facilities, salaries for top-flight faculty, modern residence and student life centers, and student activities and special events that will enhance your experience at the CIA.

You may have read in the news recently that for-profit schools are falling under scrutiny by the federal government for graduating students with more debt than they can afford to repay and an inferior education. At the CIA, our mission is to give you the world’s best professional education. We are dedicated to the success of our students through graduation. And our expert Career Services and Financial Aid staffs are further dedicated to making your education affordable and productive for the career path you want to pursue. Indeed, the skill level of our graduates is so highly regarded in the industry, that they often have more than one job offer waiting for them upon graduation.