Food is Knowledge

This is it. You’ve arrived. You’re settled in, a student at the world’s premier culinary college. You’re ready to learn, to start using your hands to create something that’s tangible and real, to put a little bit of yourself into that creative dish. Well, you’re in luck—there’s no more dynamic and immersive place in the world to study food, with 1,300-plus hands-on kitchen hours. The proven programs, expert faculty, and outstanding facilities are just what you need to satisfy your passion. The CIA will help prepare you for what you’ve always wanted—a career and life in the amazing world of food.

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The CIA offers majors in either culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, or culinary science, and you can earn a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree or Associate in Occupational Studies degree in both disciplines. The associate degrees are offered at both our Hyde Park, NY campus and at the CIA at Greystone in St. Helena, CA. Each program has its own unique benefits, but they all have one important thing in common—a commitment to educational excellence for which the CIA is known throughout the food world.

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Culinary Arts Majors
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Culinary Science Major
Associate Degree Programs
Bachelor’s Degree Programs*
On-campus Restaurant Experience

*Students who earn their associate degree at Greystone can easily transfer these credits
and continue on to the bachelor’s degree program at Hyde Park.

Hands-On Learning That’s Second to None

You want to learn hands-on? You’ve got it! At the CIA, you’ll spend more than 1,300 hours in our kitchens and bakeshops. Try finding that level of “learning by doing” anywhere else. Sure you’ll learn how to cure a prosciutto or create a richer saffron risotto. But you’ll also be able to source ingredients, understand proportions, and perform cost analyses. No matter what major or program you choose, you’ll be right in the heart of the action at the CIA. And it’s the same amazing education whether you study in Hyde Park or at Greystone.

As a CIA student, you’ll really understand food as you gain comprehensive knowledge that will serve as the foundation for everything you do in your career. You’ll learn how to sauté, to braise, to caramelize. You’ll explore the fundamentals of fruits and vegetables; soups, stocks, and savories; bread fermentation; knife skills and cuts; and much more. And you’ll gain vital interpersonal skills, like how to work effectively on a team and what it takes to be a strong leader.

Get Cooking in the Culinary Arts

If you love to cook, our Culinary Arts programs will give you every opportunity to satisfy that passion. You’ll:

  • Develop a command of both classic and contemporary culinary methodology.
  • Prepare and understand the many global cuisines that drive today’s industry.
  • Expand your horizons in basic baking, nutrition, menu development, food safety, writing, communication, and cost control.
  • Put your new skills into action in an 18-week externship.
  • Learn in our famous on-campus restaurants.
  • Take courses in management, communication, and finance—all directly related to food.

Rise to the Top in Baking and Pastry

If your creativity shines in the bakeshop, our Baking and Pastry Arts programs will bring out the best in you. You’ll:

  • Flex your creative muscles crafting hearth and specialty breads, desserts, pastry, pâtisserie, and confections.
  • Round out your skill set in basic cooking, nutrition, writing, menu development, communication, food safety, and cost control.
  • Put your new skills into action in an 18-week externship.
  • Prepare and serve both savory items and baked goods in a real bakery café environment.
  • Take courses in management, communication, and finance—all directly related to food.

Broaden Your Culinary or Baking Knowledge

If you’re in the bachelor’s degree program in either culinary arts management or baking and pastry arts management, you’ll first go through the freshman and sophomore years in the associate degree program. Then, in the junior and senior years, you’ll get into so many more dimensions of the industry as you:

  • Take business-related courses such as Financial Management, Marketing and Promoting Food, and Restaurant Operations.
  • Explore other countries and their foods through language studies and History and Cultures courses.
  • Hone your leadership skills in classes like Psychology of Human Behavior, Leadership and Ethics, and Professional Food Writing.
  • Get an outstanding taste of the industry during your senior-year travel experience.
  • Have the chance to map out your own career path with exciting Semester Away programs at our California campus.

Explore the Science of Food

If you have your associate degree in either culinary arts or baking and pastry arts from The Culinary Institute of America, our Culinary Science bachelor’s degree program is ideal for channeling your inner food scientist. In the junior and senior years, you’ll:

  • Develop a science-based understanding of the culinary arts.
  • Conduct side-by-side tests to compare traditional systems with new methods using modern equipment.
  • Participate in product development projects and culinary science labs.
  • Use sensory evaluation techniques to guide the product development process from concept to delivery.
  • Take in-depth, science-based courses such as Culinary Chemistry, Dynamics of Heat Transfer, and Microbial Ecology of Food Systems.

Prepare for a Life of Learning at the CIA